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For Peace Sakes



You've heard the call!


You’ve landed here because we met in person or virtually, or you were nudged from above.


The PayPeaceForward movement is manifesting PEACE on EARTH beginning with those who are:

  • Ready to experience more peace. 

  • Willing to explore opportunities to consciously collaborate to manifest PEACE on EARTH.

Together, we empower even more peace in hearts, minds, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide.

Pay Peace Forward

Give a Dozen Roses4Peace

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This unique gift is special on its own or can be a beautiful expansion to your chosen card, gift or bouquet of flowers. Honor your loved ones with this peace empowered gift. Each card gift set includes one dozen distinctive roses with twelve questions to live into. This one of a kind gift is mindfully sythesized in a 3" x 4 1/2" golden gift envelope making it simple to give this special gift of peace.

Free Shipping

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Each HeartSpa™ product is infused with sacred sound vibrations with the help of a harp-like throne and mindfully prepared and packed to empower peace on earth.

A portion of the profits help empower student innovation in ways that inspire even more peace on earth.

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Pay Peace Forward

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All Rights Honored with Love.

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