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Journey to the Heart of Education™ is an online course for licensed educators that uses scientifically proven strategies and future forward insight to help you unlock potential. This distinctive professional development experience engages the mind and nourishes the heart. 

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Deborah O Baker Teacher Professional Development

Deborah O. Baker

NY Times Best Selling Co-Author 

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35+ years experience

Your guide, Deborah O. Baker, is an award winning educator and a NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of Teaching Hope, who has been empowering students for a long time. Now we've taken the real-world experience of this master teacher and made it available to even more students.

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The Teacher HeartSpa empowers parents and teachers to take the lead for their learning with customizable engagement. We offer online classes with a menu of optional services.  Choose your level of support and/or expansion with Group Q&A calls, Private Empowerment sessions, Vibrational Support subscriptions, and Experiential Live Immersion labs.

Student centered

Deborah is a teacher, mentor, coach and guide who connects heart to heart in ways beyond words. Her deep level of dedication, insight, understanding, sensitivity and compassion for all has helped her expand her understanding of reaching what some see as the most difficult to reach. Deborah is here to help you source solutions from "different thinking" by giving voice to the voiceless and illuminating the lessons she learned from her most advanced teachers - masters of unity consciousness disguised as beyond verbal autistic.

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Journey to the Heart of Education™ is essential teacher professional development that models the foundations of constructivist theory and explores the tools of positive psychology to expand understanding beyond labels like Asberger's and autistic. Enroll now and prepare to unlock potential and engage even more students and teachers in living a joyful, happy, successful life. Course content includes: 

  • Explore Positive Psychology Theory

  • Engage in a Constructivist Class

  • Expand Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  • Multiply Guilford's Structure of Intellect

  • Discover the Heart of Education

  • Access Future Forward Thinking

  • Prepare to live a happier life as you embrace the New Now classroom

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“Deborah Baker is a profound teacher. Any institution and those she would be interacting with within that setting would greatly benefit from her leadership gifts, communication skills, profound insights, and ability to create build meaningful partnerships among peers. She combines a deep level of dedication, insight, understanding, sensitivity, and compassion along with her strong and well-developed business skills." 


~ Gayle


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