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Who are we?
We are the ones who have declared we are free to be AWAKE!

Aware of how we feel.
Willing to get curious.
Engaged in life and learning.         

Together, we empower even more peace in hearts, homes, classrooms and communities worldwide.

Prescription for Peace

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The proceeds from this campaign help support a worldwide movement to expand peace in hearts, homes, classrooms and communities so that every child's right to a quality education is a reality.  Together we are manifesting PEACE ON EARTH

Join the FREEDOM movement today to receive your FREEDOM t-shirt. Each shirt is mindfully produced and programmed for PEACE. Wearing this t-shirt is a declaration of FREEDOM that demonstrates and affirms your conscious choice to be AWAKE.  Your order is shipped in a distinctive reusable package produced and sealed with the intention to manifest
PEACE ON EARTH. All aspects of this movement have been Divinely inspired and offered in cooperation with Deborah O. Baker, an award winning educator who has been empowering connection, curiosity, innovation and a love for learning for decades. 

TRUST that your package will arrive in DIVINE time.  When it does, open it with mindful intention and KNOW that you are free to be AWAKE and that together we are manifesting PEACE ON EARTH. 

Wear and share with an open heart and KNOW we are UNITED and UNIQUE!

When you join the Diamond Heart Movement, you receive one complimentary Freedom t-shirt shipped for free within the United States.  An additional  shipping and handling fee will be applied for international shipments. ​

Join the movement by November 20, 2021 to be part of our next Freedom t-shirt production wave.

Peace on Earth!

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