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In November 2017, after defending my “doctoral dissertation” Beyond the Structure of Intellect with an inspired journey from Portland, Oregon to Sedona, Arizona, I heard, "Wake Up! It's NOW time," upon opening my eyes to complete my sunrise daily practice. "Go online and complete your request to audition for America's Got Talent. When I asked the still, small voice within what my talent was, I heard, you "open hearts and ignite fires of re-membrane using language, song and sound." So, after spending three days in December 2017 in a conference room at the Rio Hotel at the Ultimate Wealth Camp with my PeaceRx™ vibrational course materials box visible on a round table, I showed up in my genius to play full out.

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The conference was done using the meeting room the day before the auditions were scheduled to begin. I knew that when I was called to stand on the red X to audition for the 13th season of America’s Got Talent, that X marked the same spot that the PeaceRx™ box had been for the previous two days. I also knew that the red and blue lights on the outside of Rio were significant to this vibrational mission. The face of the judge was priceless when I took my place on the red X. When the judge asked, “What do you do?” I responded as inspired with, “I open hearts and ignite fires of remembrance through language, song and sound.” For ninety seconds, I stood on the red X and let the light language and song flow freely through me from God, Source, Creator for my highest good and the highest good of all. At that moment, I knew that we set the wheels in motion to "Set Fire to the Rain." And with every breath I take, I continue to listen, trust and allow as I continue to be a student and teacher in the New Now™ classroom.

Be Here Now

STOP. Pause. Listen. Trust. Allow.

In January 2019, I sat in a quiet space in southern Oregon to complete an inspired professional portfolio. The story of illumination above (and below) was written on that day after driving south on I5 towards Mt. Shasta when I heard the still small voice within say,"pull over and check Craigslist for jobs in Ashland. When I pursued the posts, I learned that Niurka had posted a position four hours before.

In this very moment, as I complete this composition, I am aware that the morning crowd at the Boulevard Coffee Shop has dispersed. The volume of the background music increases to fill my ears with the song lyrics, “Say something, I’m giving up on you,” stirring deep emotion within me. And, I hear the familiar tone of a differently abled soul share with his caregiver and another who are seated around a game board behind me say, “This song makes me sad.” I have never met the gifted man. Yet. I know him. I know that he is playing his part of this Divine Mission.

I witness the words. I witness the game being played behind me without looking up as I continue to record these words. I witness the care giver’s compassionate agreement and supporting words. And, yet the spoken words feel empty and meaningless for they are no longer aligned to the truth of evolved support that empowers the full honoring of the unique gifts of the differently abled man in her care. I tell myself there is no judgment, mere witnessing as I witness the presence of my ego stand ready to judge. With each gem of present moment awareness, fuel is added to my heart flame. Like wind beneath my wings, I am pushed forward with courage to embody the heart coherence of my soul for the benefit of this shared mission of evolved consciousness.

I tune my awareness to the words he is speaking. I know he is speaking to me for the mission. He is a key player in this advanced mission. He and his team are here holding a vibrational frequency and helping infuse truth in the space between each word. I record his words. Not sure why. My heart knows it is important somewhere in this moment for his words to be recorded.

“Stories set to music”

“Someday I would like to write rock band music like that.”

“Lollipop. Lollypop.”

“I’ve always dreamed I would do like the Beatles.”

“I also like Paul McCarty and Wings.”

“60s Classic Rock Era”

“Hot Chocolate Classic Rock Band from the 60s”

Give your mind a rest.

Bring your heart online.

Listen with your heart.




Embrace the silence.

Expand your awareness

Part 3 of 3 Navigating a New Now™ Classroom

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